Call for creative thinkers and makers!

Call for creative thinkers and makers! Form here:

Apply to be a creative collaborator with Humans in Harmony! This is a process and space to connect with others, and to create and share musical or other creative collaborative projects. The aim is to engage in mutual learning and discovery with one another, and to jointly create our stories and possibilities together. Even if you are new to songwriting, creative writing, visual arts, or other creative arts, we encourage you to co-create with us. We believe that everyone is an artist and every person has a story to tell.

How it works: This summer, we’ll pair you with another collaborative artist and walk you through the process of creating a virtual project together (a 4-week creative process). We’ll launch a fundraising campaign to share works in furthering aims of social connection and community, and publish all creative works on our website or through Spotify/Apple Music. The collective projects will all be a part of an album and online portfolio under a central theme based on the works created.

We invite you to apply by July 1st and join us! We look forward to hearing your stories.

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