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At Humans in Harmony, we believe that everyone is a songwriter and every person has a story to tell. These resources are here for anyone who would like to engage with what we do: whether through starting a chapter program, organizing workshops with others, or engaging in your own songwriting project.

Chapter Resources

If you are interested in starting a chapter, please take a look at the the quick guide below that will give you a basic introduction into the activities you would be doing and how we could support you. Furthermore, whether you want to create a chapter or are just interested in what we do, we encourage you to join the Student Network and learn more about getting our activities and workshops to your community.

Chapter Quick Guide

Workshop Resources

These resources are based on our Humans in Harmony workshops and programs(like the Music Corps), and can be easily adapted for use in other settings. They are meant to be accessible resources for both new and experienced songwriters. Please use them for whatever activity you find yourself doing!

Orientation Presentation

For chapter leaders or workshop facilitators, an introduction to the kinds of activities your group may participate in as you organize collaborative songwriting activities.

Conversation Guide

Song Ideas Form

A guide to help spark meaningful conversation with community members as you begin the songwriting process.

HiH’s Step-by-Step Songwriting Guide

A step-by-step guide to songwriting for new songwriters looking for how to start, or for experienced songwriters looking for some inspiration. The guide walks through the Humans in Harmony process of learning with others through collaborative songwriting.


Tips for Songwriting

A more free-form guide to songwriting for beginners and experienced songwriters alike.

Storytelling and Lyrics

For songwriters who are just starting the songwriting process, this presentation is an introduction into how to find the idea for your song and how to begin to write the lyrics. This presentation is best when paired with the following guide and form.

Song Idea and Lyric Guide

Song idea and Lyrics Form

A guide and corresponding form that goes more in-depth on how to find your song idea and how to begin to write the lyrics. These go best when paired with the above presentation and song idea form.

Melody and Chords

For songwriters who are ready for the 3rd step of the songwriting process. This presentation helps songwriters with adding musical elements to their songs such as a melody and chords.

Music Tips

How to Write a Melody

Chord and Melody Checklist

A checklist and a guide to creating and writing melodies and chord progressions. The checklist also refers to two different websites that can help you: Scorecloud and Hooktheory.

Instrumentals and Beats

For songwriters who are ready to add final elements to their songs. This presentation goes over beats, instruments and a few music production resources.

An interactive guide that helps the songwriter decide what elements they want to add to their song.

If you have any questions about these materials or would like to help us make more, please email info@humansinharmony.org!

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