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A major part of our mission is to not only foster connection though music, but to also have everyone end our workshops with a personalized song they can call their own. This goal means that every year more original songs are being made with people in the communities we serve, songs we would love to share with you!

This page is dedicated to celebrating and sharing these songs with the community.  Below you will find all of the albums we have made thus far and a little bit about how they came into fruition. We only have clips of the songs here, but if you would like to hear the full song please visit our Spotify page (coming soon)! On the other hand, if you would be willing to donate to our cause (via the button below), we would also be happy to send you a mp3 download of the full songs from the album! Either way, we are happy to share these wonderful songs with you through these albums!

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HiH Album

The Journey of Love

How Sweet The Sound  – Ivan, Ana, Sebastian (AHRC Norfolk Center)

Mi Amor – Daniel D., Sebastian (AHRC Norfolk Center)

Sightseeing (On 42nd street) – Monique, Sebastian (AHRC Norfolk Center)

Praise God with Music – AHRC Fisher Center, Samantha, Sakari

The Journey of Us – Page, Olivia, Jenna, Jacqueline (NYU Chapter)

I Love The Summer – ZuluP, Chadley, Nyokabi (AHRC New York League)

My Family – Daniel M., Michael, Robert, Jean, Marcos, Cher, David (AHRC Redfield)

One World of Love – Patricia, Cher, David (Isabella Geriatric Center)

Apple of My Eye – Heather, Mikey, Kelsea, Cory (CUMC Chapter)

Corona – Mike, Cory (CUMC Chapter)

In the summer of 2019, students from local New York City colleges and community members from the Manhattan area came together for one of our biggest programs yet: The Music Corps. This 8-week program paired students with community members, taught them the basics of songwriting, and asked them to create a song together. At the end, we would share these songs and celebrate all that we achieved throughout the 8-weeks. The program was a wonderful success and our participants made a wide variety of songs. Their genres span from rap to gospel, their themes from family to summer, and their instruments from drums to piano. Since this is our first album, we have also included songs from some of our chapters and a student who participated in the Music Corps with a different community near her home! It was truly wonderful to watch these songs being made and we hope that you all enjoy listening to them.

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