Pavel and Gideon’s Collaboration Journal

Pavel and Gideon were both glad to be connected as a part of the HiH CollabArts Project given their shared Princeton major: (astro)physics (Pavel is a “recent” alumnus [PHY ‘15] and Gideon is an incoming junior [AST ‘22]). However, this project was more focused on art.

Pavel suggested a theme he has been slowly working on since December of last year (since the pre-pandemic era), building a shared space around the idea of giving and incorporating elements of Effective Altruism to turn the act of individual philanthropy into a collective endeavor. Together, they decided to make a short promotional video about this topic for Pavel to use with his upcoming project. With their idea and medium in mind, Pavel decided to look more into the video content, while Gideon decided to start making music to accompany the video.

Over the past few weeks, Pavel created an outline for the video focusing on the mindset of scarcity and how we can overcome this obstacle to collectively do the most good in society. Below is a two-slide outline of his envisioned structure for the clip; please let us know what you think of these ideas [Side note: the link he had created back in January to collect people’s responses on causes dear to them is feel free to submit your cause area there!]. We would like the video to incorporate something people can relate to on a personal level, and not something too abstract and technical.

Slide1 – Problem
Slide2 – Solution

For context on some of the terms used above, here is Princeton Professor Peter Singer’s TED talk about Effective Altruism, and here is a TED talk by renowned philosopher Rutger Bregman introducing the concept of UBI through a description of the root causes of poverty and, in particular, the mindset of scarcity. 

While Pavel was creating content for the clip’s message, Gideon started coming up with themes and ideas for the music that would accompany the video. He had to create a piece of music that started off somber, but built to something more hopeful and bright. With this in mind, he created various “happy” and “sad” themes to work into the video. Below is a sample of one of the themes he created which starts out somber but grows into something brighter. Please give it a listen and let us know what you think. We want our project to be appealing to a wide audience; any tips and/or constructive criticisms are welcome.

Thank you for reading about our project in this forum post, and we hope you are as excited about seeing the final result as we are. Good luck to the other groups in finishing their projects and we hope to hear your feedback soon!

Very Best,

Pavel & Gideon